Privacy Policy


This site won’t ask you for, your email address, nor have any knowledge of your email address. You may be asked for it if you click thru to the JustGiving site in which case refer to their privacy policy.


Your IP address is a number which the world wide web uses to identify your computer and hence allow it to access websites.

This might be captured for statistical purposes to determine the country of origin of web enquiries. This datum is kept for a finite time and not passed to anybody else.

I don’t look at any IP addresses and, in terms of personal data, they’d be meaningless even if I did.

IP addresses can, in any case, be transient. If you turn your modem/router off and on there you may well be assigned a new IP address.


The site does not ask for any other information


Cookies used on this site are just little bits of text or numbers which the website uses to keep track of itself. They contain no personal information, cannot carry viruses nor spy on you, are too small to clog up your computer, won’t steal your soul and are totally harmless.

Cookies generated by this web site are not visible to any other website.